Wearing Vibram Whilst Running

There is an alarmingly high injury rate of around 80% affecting regular runners each year. So it’s sensible for both athletes and manufacturers to consider changes in order to reduce the rate of injuries. For a very long time now, runners have been sold on the need for good running shoes, even more so if the runner is taking preventive measures to prevent injuries. Investing in good running shoes seems essential. A thick cushion coupled with rigid motion-control or stability features, was the norm and seemed necessary. But wearing these shoes still caused many injuries, and if you were injured it was because you was wearing the wrong shoes! This has been the prevailing “wisdom.”

So why wear FiveFingers? They remove the cushioning and motion-control of traditional running shoes, which allows the feet to become stronger and to feel the ground more, but they still give your feet the protection you want for peace-of-mind as you “pound the pavement.”

There are many benefits of wearing Vibram FiveFingers:

  • You will quickly notice less restriction in the ankles and lower-leg tissues.
  • There will be noticeable improvements in your body’s biomechanics and gait.
  • You will see functional strengthening of lower leg and foot muscles.

The only real concern when it comes to Vibram FiveFingers is the risk of injury when people don’t transition properly. You can avoid these pitfalls by seeing our article on making the transition to Vibram FiveFingers.

To help with running in Vibram FiveFingers, there are some things you should consider changing to ensure you are running in a biomechanically correct form on the first day of your switch over to minimalist or barefoot running:

  1. Shorten your stride.
  2. Don't heel strike.
  3. Keep your knees bent.
  4. Relax your lower legs throughout your stride cycle.
  5. Maintain good posture with a slight forward lean from the ankles.

When approached correctly, there is absolutely no reason why any runner should suffer injury by switching from traditional shoes to Vibram FiveFinger Shoes. Our ankles and feet are too often under-exercised and taken for granted considering how much we rely on them everyday. As a result of wearing traditional running shoes many of us have de-conditioned feet, consisting of weak fascia, muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones. Also, wearing traditional shoes reduces the strength and range of motion of the Achilles tendon and calf muscles. Therefore, a transition is necessary to improve strength, flexibility and range of motion or an early injury is likely. Wear minimal shoes as often as possible for a couple weeks and eventually a complete transition to minimal shoes will be possible.

There are many suitable Vibrams from our wide range for running but whether you are a beginner or long term runner would be the KSO Evo.

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