Vibram FiveFingers For MMA

The minimalist shoe trend has produced exciting innovations from Vibram and has seen the launch of Vibram FIveFingers. Most trainers/footwear target generic athletic usage - a one size (or shoe) fits all approach, this is where Vibram has always differed and has allowed them to stand out from the crowd with specific sports targeted footwear. Vibram FiveFingers are the the first shoe to be designed NOT to alter the natural dexterity of our feet allowing freedom of movement through patented designs that were scientifically researched to facilitate optimal foot health. A great example of this is the zero heel to toe lift which actually makes you feel like you are training "barefoot" and has all the benefits of barefoot training without the downsides.

There are many benefits to wearing Vibram FiveFinger shoes for Mixed Martial Artists (MMA) with two reasons being more obvious than the rest. Firstly it's far more hygienic to wear a protective layer of footwear to guard against a typical gym floor. The second benefit is protection from injury, particularly to the soles of the feet which are a common area of injury for many MMA athletes or enthusiast. The great thing about Vibram for MMA is that your feet are protected without compromising the flexibility of your feet, furthermore training in Vibrams has even been shown to strengthen the musculature of the feet, ankles and shins.

Wearing Vibrams for training also enhances pro-prioception through enhancement of the Central Nervous System which will carry over into bio-mechanical efficiency and a more conditioned core; meaning stronger striking and a better take down defence. This is due to a greater sensory perception of the floor by the wearer allowing them to "feel the ground better" and push off with more power and stability. Additionally; feet/toes will be able to flex and move independently as which will in turn strengthen the muscles/tendons and ligaments of the lower.

A great shoe to consider for MMA athletes/enthusiasts is the Vibram EL-X which is durable and ergonomically designed to facilitate greater levels of balance and traction for the wearer. The enhanced traction comes from the shoe's multi-directional tread which also enhances movement in the lateral planes - making them the perfect choice for MMA training. As an added bonus the soles of the shoes are designed so they are non-marking, which means you don't have to worry about damaging to the floor of your gym.

So if you're trying to find the perfect footwear for MMA, then look no further! Vibram FiveFingers will give you a grip like glue, potentially reduce your risk of injury and enhance your stand up game! What more could you want?!

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