Best Shoes For CrossFit Training; Vibram?

Best Crossfit Shoes for Cross Training

“CrossFit is a ‘flash in the pan’ that will never last and is a very ineffective way of training which could potentially lead to long lasting injury!” Right? Wrong! CrossFit is here to stay and is continuing to grow. In 2005 there were only 13 CrossFit gyms in the United States, and now there are more than 10,000 – that’s substantial growth. In gains terms, it’s like putting on 15kgs of lean muscle in a month. Gym goers that used to look down on CrossFitters are now becoming CrossFitters themselves, and there are reasons for that.

Many people say that CrossFit is just HIIT on steroids, with some lifting and weird movements thrown in, but it’s not; it really is much more than that. CrossFit granted, does put a lot emphasis on high intensity and interval within the training or WODs, but it also includes weighted and own body lifting. CrossFit, first and foremost, is a great way to stay fit, but it also offers an excellent dynamic workout. It is definitely not a boring set of basic circuit training rituals. This is a program that mixes a wide variety of exercises that have been chosen to train and push all parts of the body to their ultimate limits. The chance of injury is also very low with CrossFit because an experienced coach oversees all classes to ensure that all participants are training with proper form and that standards are being upheld. Not only this, but there are a whole range of additional health benefits that come with CrossFit; most notably, improved heart health without having to undertake the more traditional cardio route.

If you already participate in a CrossFit regimen, like so many others you would already know all the above and may be looking for the optimum footwear for CrossFit training! Many CrossFitters around the world are wearing Vibram FiveFinges when they compete and/or train; so Vibram FiveFingers in recognizing this, sponsored the CrossFit Games. There are a whole host of benefits from wearing them in normal training and in everyday life as well. But Vibram also offer advantages to people who wear them specifically for CrossFitting purposes. When looking for the perfect shoe for CrossFit there are several important features that a large number of people take into account, including low weight, flexibility, durability, and low to zero heel to toe drop, all of which Vibrams excel at. Not only do they offer these features, but there are also a host of others that people may overlook.

We already know that CrossFit is a sport that focuses on highly functional movements, which come in the form of high-intensity workout sets. This is one of the key reasons why Vibram stand out as offering the perfect solution. The shoes are not only designed for intense workouts but the thin rubber soles have been engineered with deep grooves, especially around the edges, so they can accommodate lateral movement while still offering a maximum amount of grip whilst allowing for quick changes in direction.
Sensitivity and responsiveness to the ground is of the utmost importance whilst training for CrossFit in order to know exactly where you are positioned and the amount of pressure you are exerting. The flexibility and minimalist design of FiveFingers, which includes ultra thin soles, allows for a great foot to ground connection. The full range Vibram FiveFingers has been created to allow for maximum feeling, meaning that the wearer can feel the ground in its entirety.

A great trainer for CrossFit will not only provide the person wearing the shoes all the benefits stated above, but also offer support, stability, and confidence throughout the toughest workouts. Vibrams differ from a lot of other trainers in many ways and one of the most striking differences is that they offer a glove-like fit. This fit means that they are extremely comfortable whilst offering a great deal of support. This goes a long way in providing whoever is wearing the shoe confidence and peace-of- mind in knowing the shoe will not slip off during a crucial transition or even a lift. Added to this, Vibram FiveFingers include stability technologies, which means that whilst wearing them you will be at the optimum centre of gravity, which provides a greater sense of balance.

Not only are Vibrams beneficial for all of the previously mentioned CrossFit specific reasons, but they also have a whole host of broader benefits. Wearing Vibram FiveFingers will produce much stronger and more responsive muscles in the lower legs and also help to strengthen ligaments and tendons. The minimalist design means there are also fewer restrictions on the feet, allowing the toes more flexibility, which means that ultimately they will become so dexterous that they will be able to move independently and freely.

The are various Vibrams which will aid in CrossFit Training and none more so than the KMD LS

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