Vibram FiveFingers For Yoga

Vibram FiveFingers For Yoga

Vibram FiveFingers footwear for yoga and Pilates features a thin Vibram sole that allows optimum flexibility and an increased range of motion, while keeping otherwise bare feet protected. They provide a much-needed hygienic alternative to being barefoot in a yoga studio. For this reason many people wear socks, which are restrictive and non-breathable unlike Vibram FiveFinger Yoga Shoes. The limited selection of Vibram FiveFinger barefoot shoes have all been designed so they are incredibly lightweight and well ventilated to be breathable and flexible enabling them to move with the wearer’s foot. With a look that offers casual crossover appeal, they offer a fashionable style for everyday use. The soles are designed to mould to the foot – using EVA foam technology, giving the sensation that they perfectly “fit the foot,” to such a point that when worn the person does not actually feel as if anything is there.

The Alitzia, Vi-S and Vi-B from Vibram FiveFingers are geared towards lower impact fitness pursuits like yoga, some plyometric exercises, and/or Pilates. And as such, these styles have all been pushed to the very limits of barefoot footwear, so should not be worn whilst running, unless a complete transition has been undertaken since they offer very little in the way of cushioning. The Vibram FiveFingers design means that they offer extraordinary ground feel to fully engage both the toes and the foot while managing to provide unparalleled traction on and off the mat. The lacing provided allows the wearer to create a custom fit, which is important in making them more comfortable. Vibram FiveFinger barefoot yoga shoes not only provide excellent grip, which aids in your balance, but they act like a second skin, flexing effortlessly with every move and contour the wearer is making.

Vibram FiveFingers are great for yoga because a large number of the poses and exercises performed in classes rely on the person being flexible yet having stable support from their feet and legs. The Vibrams FiveFingers allow all the lower leg and feet muscles to work correctly. They improve strength in both legs and feet, including the arches, which are an important element of yoga. Having your feet on a flat plane helps align your posture, putting less stress on the body as a whole.

Many yoga enthusiasts find the balancing poses amongst the most difficult to manage. This problem is lessened a great deal by swapping to a Vibram FiveFinger Minimalist shoe since it provides much better grip and traction to mat, which helps to strengthen and stabilize you during yoga poses. And the five individual toe slots allow your toes to separate naturally.

Having individual toe slots allows for:

  • Toes to separate
  • Strengthening of the toes,
  • Improvement in balance,
  • Improved agility
  • Greater range of motion.

The Vibram FiveFingers barefoot yoga shoes across the range have been designed for indoor use only and created with yoga and other low-impact activities in mind, such as Pilates. They are have been designed to push to the very limits in terms of barefoot footwear and should not be used for running, to avoid injuries.

There are many suitable Vibrams from our wide range for yoga but differ depending on gender for females we would recommend the Alitiza Loop and for males the El-X

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