Vibram FiveFingers For Bouldering

Vibrams FiveFingers and climbing is a match made in heaven, and whether it’s bouldering, rock climbing, top roping or abseiling indoor or outdoor the phenomenon of either ascending or descending up high faces is definitely increasing in popularity. Climbing shoes are a necessity when looking to progress to the next level because it is virtually impossible to climb wearing normal high street trainers due to their rigidity. There is a wide range of health benefits attributable to climbing and a whole range of muscle groups that can be worked in ways that doing gym exercises could never accomplish.

Vibram FiveFingers and traditional climbing shoes have several similarities, being lightweight and minimalistic in design.

Climbing relies heavily on the strength of the climber’s feet and it has been scientifically proven that Vibrams are currently the best footwear available for strengthening feet. The design of traditional climbing shoes defeat this because they have a very hard and supportive sole, which effectively override the foot's natural positioning by arching it. This leads to weaker feet, which reduces their ability to push off effectively.

When people are climbing they tend use their whole foot because it is bound together. This is of course not always possible since climbers often find themselves on a small edge this is especially true for indoor rock climbing and therefore cannot use the whole of their foot. Vibrams work in the complete opposite fashion, isolating small sections of the foot and even individual toes. This is a massive advantage when encountering smaller cracks and crevices, as individual toes are able to work independently. Think of your feet like an extra pair of hands, which is what Vibrams effectively creates due to the flexibility and dexterity they offer the wearer. This allows for an improved range of motion in the ankles, feet and toes, while strengthening muscles in the feet and lower legs. This also stimulates neural functioning, a vital aspect affecting the body’s ability to balance. Wearing Vibrams also improves agility.

Additionally, Vibrams offer a stronger grip because the soles of the shoes have been ergonomically designed to provide maximum traction and grip, especially in challenging terrain. This allows for ample lateral movement and means the wearer can make quick changes in direction with little or no effort. The treads were specifically designed to give the wearer an excellent grip on any surface.

Vibram shoes are incredibly sturdy and provide great protection for your feet as well.

At Vi-brum we would reccomend the Spyridon MR as being the the perfect indoor bouldering shoe.

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