Vibram FiveFingers Scientific Research and Studies

The Vibram brand has been around for nearly a century, creating industry leading protective footwear. In the last 15 years they have developed a range of shoes: Vibram FiveFingers, which have been ergonomically designed to facilitate an enhanced user experience with a whole host of benefits.

As the popularity of the shoes has increased so have the common misconceptions surrounding them unfortunately. Although it was only ever 1 study that was mis-interpreted by the media that caused such controversy. The truth of the matter is that if the sole purpose of your Vibram FiveFingers is running then you should only buy a pair if you are a ball of the foot striker. This means that if you are a heel striker then you should not use Vibram for running - which is exactly what Vibram have been saying from the start! Vibram have never claimed to be suitable for anybody regardless of activity - which puts them in the same situation as any other shoe.

The reality is that leading scientists, experts in bio-mechanics and elite level running coaches all all agree that being  as close to barefoot as possible is the healthiest way to be. Over the past decade there has been a huge number of independent research studies ranging from prolonged investigation of the effects of wearing Vibrams through to looking at postural realignment in the foot and ankle after wearing Minimalist shoes. This depth of research makes Vibram the most researched item of footwear of all time. All of the studies on Vibrams have been carried out by respected institutions and then peer reviewed to ensure the claims stand up.

If you're the kind of person that is looking into the legitimate research of Vibram footwear then I'm sure you'll want to see more than an article on this website to be convinced. SO we've kindly provided a link to all of the research articles so you can review them for yourself.


If you would like additional information regarding Vibram FiveFingers we have compiled an up to date collection of all of the latest research which is available for download by simply clicking the purple box in the bottom right of your screen.


Vibram FiveFingers Research


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