The Benefits Of Wearing Vibram FiveFingers

Wearing a minimalist Vibram FiveFinger shoe is not the same as actually running barefoot. Even the most minimalist of models will still alter the experience somewhat. The whole idea is to find the sweet spot between the support of a traditional running shoe and the multitude of benefits that come with going barefoot.

When people walk barefoot, they are walking correctly. This means they are landing softly on the heel and using the power in the toes to push off. Walking this way tones muscles, strengthens the core and leg muscles. Walking barefoot vastly improves the tendons and ligaments in the lower leg and increases sensory perception.

Walking barefoot and improving posture helps:

  • Strengthen the muscles in the feet
  • Realign the body’s natural posture
  • Feel the ground to stimulate sensory perception
  • Flex your feet as nature designed.

Wearing a pair of Vibram FiveFingers means that there is less restriction on each foot. The body will start to adapt and as it does, it will begin strengthening the muscles and support you better as you undertake activities.

For most body movement, neurological signals begin in the feet. This means the healthier the feet and ankles are and the better they function, the better the innervation is all they way up the kinetic chain. The flexible soles on Vibram FiveFingers will aid in the promotion of a much more natural way of running as well as your walking gait, which strengthens the smaller muscles of the foot and ankle. This leads to much better balance and coordination, whereas wearing traditional shoes with inflexible soles, padded heels, and arch supports prevents this motion, weakens the foot, which can cause injury.

If wearing Vibram FiveFingers as a runner, the wearer will start using greater efficiency with their strides. This is as a result of the increased sensory information received by the feet and the shortened strides lessen the forces of impact.

Unfortunately, most runners, athletes and gym goers appear to have foot and ankle dysfunctions. These faulty foot and ankle mechanics have a negative impact on how the muscles function as well as joint health throughout the entire body. Wearing Vibram FiveFinger Shoes means that the wearer does not create the impact transient force spikes through their joints, which cause injury.

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