Spotting Fake Vibram FiveFingers

Fake Vibram FiveFingers

Fake Vibrams are an ever-increasing problem, as with any product/label that becomes popular. The illegal black market see potential and look to profit from selling fakes and unfortunately, Vibram FiveFingers are no exception. Imitations, fakes, and flagrant copies are popping up more frequently. Fake merchandise and trademarks appear daily in the marketplace, often sold from unauthorised or fraudulent Vibram or FiveFingers websites.

Try to be extra vigilant as counterfeiters are also actively using Google Ads to sell their fake products. If you see any fake FiveFingers sites appearing in Google Ads, or suspect that you see one – please let us know immediately so we can contact Google.

Vibram Birmingham is an official stockist of Vibram FiveFingers and wherever possible, look out for the bright yellow logo on the site. A list of authorised Vibram FiveFingers® retailers can be found on the Vibram FiveFingers website using the dealer locator.

If you see a website which claims to be selling the Vibram FiveFingers at a heavily reduced discount, which seems too good to be true, or unusual colour schemes, or made from materials which are not of the highest quality, you should immediately be suspicious that they are fakes.

The majority of the fake Vibram FiveFingers appear to have the same inconsistencies in the materials, which are used in the production of the counterfeit Vibrams. You will notice that many of the fakes use a material that has a silky quality on the upper part, which produces a shimmer or shine like finish. A large number are using a neoprene like material for the upper part. The material they use on the strap is a lot glossier when compared to the matte finish you see on many of the authentic Vibram FiveFingers. Many of the counterfeit shoes have buckles that look like they are made from metal. It seems these knock-off Five Fingers usually don't have the same design features as the real Vibrams. All authentic Vibram FiveFingers will have the Vibram yellow octagon stamp on their soles. Additionally, any "Vibram" branding should be yellow (and not white or blue or some other colour).

Many of these fakes are making it onto eBay. Reality is that no legitimate retailer of VFFs is allowed to sell FiveFingers on eBay! So apart from one-off eBayers trying to unload a single pair here and there, be very suspicious of eBay resellers who are selling FiveFingers.

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