Choosing The Correct Size Vibram FiveFingers For You

Vibram FiveFingers Size Guide

Getting the right size in a pair of Vibram FiveFingers can be a bit difficult if you are not used to the sizing charts and are a first time buyer. Please read this, as it is essential for both safety and comfort that your new Vibram FiveFinger shoes have the correct fit for your feet. If you follow either the steps in the tool or the chart for males/females you will be able to find the perfect fit for your feet.

Due to the unique design of the Vibram FiveFingers attempting to mimic the feel of being barefoot, Vibram FiveFinger shoes have different sizes than traditional shoes. Sizes have been specially created so these specialty shoes the perfect fit, giving the wearer the feel of gloves on their feet. Each of the wearer’s individual toes should fit comfortably and snuggly into its individual toe pocket with ample space to ensure that each toe can extend fully without grazing the end. The only exception is the longest toe (Either your first or second toe – dependant on your genetic make-up), which should be touching the end pocket. A small amount of space remaining at the tip of the little toes is perfectly fine.

There are two sizing charts above one for male and one for female as there are slight differences between the models. The male versions of the Vibram FiveFinger shoes are slightly wider and longer than the female versions.

Vibram FiveFingers sizing works by measuring the length of your foot from the heel to your longest toe, in inches/millimetres. You should make sure that both feet are measured since the vast majority of people are asymmetrical and will have one foot that is larger than the other. Once you have determined the length of your longest foot from heel to tow use the sizing chart above to select the correct size for you.

Obviously, because you cannot go out running straight away and it is imperative to determine whether you have the correct size, we would suggest pacing up and down in your home to make sure the shoes feel “snug” but never too tight as restrictive footwear can lead to injury.

If you find that in order to get a grip you have to scrunch your toes up or that your heel is slipping out of place, you should first try to tighten them. After you have tightened them, if this is still happening then you should get a smaller size. When you put the Vibram FiveFingers on, if they feel too tight and there is a feeling of compression or restriction in the toes, then you should try a larger shoe.

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