Training Programme For Feet And Ankles

When it comes to training, the majority of people neglect two of the most important parts of their body – their feet. The feet, ankles and lower leg muscles play vital roles in the human body and this is especially true when considering their ability to undertake any kind of exercise or health regime. A large number of health bodies and scientific studies have shown that like the rest of our body, the feet need to have regular stimulation through exercise for them to stay healthy and fit. However, our lower limbs, ankles and feet tend to be neglected and forgotten about, this is until something goes wrong. The majority of people do not attempt to find out what their feet are capable of or explore the range of movement they can achieve. This unfortunately results in them becoming much weaker than they should be. It is essential that everyone take time to strengthen and stretch both their feet and ankles. With strong ankles, calves and feet our bodies have a rigid base that provides for stable movement. Not only this, but strong calves, ankles and feet are essential for performing our daily activities painlessly and straining.

Switching over to Vibram FiveFingers will result in your strengthening your lower leg muscles, ankles and feet.

Spend 5-10 minutes on these exercises every day and you will feel your feet getting stronger and more flexible, which will aid in the transition from traditional shoes to Vibram FiveFingers.

Begin with feet firmly on the floor, parallel to each other, shoulder distance apart:

  • Toe Fan: Lift your big toe by itself, without lifting the other toes. Then move through the toes, individually lifting each one, moving your way down to the smallest toe.
  • Toe Raisers: Raise all toes off the floor, then lower and raise the big toe 10 times. Repeat with the small toe.
  • Heel Raise: With a flat foot, lift just the heel on your left foot. You should now be on the ball of the left foot. Drop this as slowly as possible. Repeat 6 times. When complete roll the foot from side to side, then repeat with the right foot.
  • Arch Lifts: Sit on a chair with your foot resting flat on the floor, then drag the base of the big toe towards your heel lifting the arch up off the floor and then hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 4 times.
  • Towel Scrunches: Rest your foot flat on the floor on top of a towel then scrunch the toes, trying to lift the towel off the floor.
  • Circle Foot: With one foot flat on the floor, raise the leg of the other. With the foot raised try to point the toe downwards and motion 4 clockwise and 4 anticlockwise circles repeat 3 times and then try with the other foot.

After only a few weeks of strengthening your feet muscles, you will notice that you have better movement and mobility, which makes walking in Vibram FiveFingers much easier.

These foot and ankle strengthening exercises are an important part of the rehabbing needed for improving your strength and control around the foot. Besides doing these exercises to help with strengthening and stretching your feet, try walking around your home barefoot as often as you can. Massage your feet, soak them in a hot bath and apply Shea butter or a good moisturising lotion. You can also roll your feet on massage balls.

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