Vibram For Yoga

Wearing barefoot Vibram FiveFingers Yoga shoes when taking part in either Yoga or Pilates, activities that are traditionally performed barefoot, will not only improve the wearer’s comfort but they will also feel a greater sense of balance and control. Individual toe slots separate and encourage the strengthening of toes, which can improve balance, agility and range of motion. The rubber out-sole allows for superior ground feel while providing slip resistance and flexibility. The Vibram FiveFinger barefoot yoga shoe offers casual crossover appeal, which provides a fashionable look for everyday use. The following Vibram FiveFingers barefoot yoga shoes have been designed for indoor use only and created with yoga and other low-impact activities in mind, such as Pilates. This footwear is pushed to the outer limits in terms of barefoot footwear and should not be worn for running.

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