On All Vibram Footwear

For nearly a century, Vibram has been at the forefront as the world leader in manufacturing high-performance rubber soles designed for a range of outdoor activities, as well fitness related pursuits. This lead to the launch of Vibram FiveFingers – minimalist shoes that are unique in one key way: the toes are separated individually within boxes, allowing you to use more muscles in your feet for balance and propulsion.

Vibram Five Fingers or Vibrams are the leading brand of barefoot or minimalist shoes available on the market, nothing else really comes close. We have a range of models ergonomically designed with minimal padding in order mimic the barefoot experience. These are also engineered with unique minimalist features, all with a specific activity in mind, be that running, yoga or working out at the gym.

Vibram FiveFingers barefoot shoes will not only equip the user with an excellent grip, aiding balance, but they also act as a second skin, flexing effortlessly with every move you make. They allow the foot to move in a more natural way. Additionally, wearing Vibram FiveFingers stimulates and strengthen muscles throughout the foot and lower legs.

While we can not deny that there are many occasions where traditional footwear is essential for protection and safety – there are still ample opportunities and times when wearing Vibram FiveFingers would be beneficial since it is equally important to stimulate and exercise our feet on a regular basis.

Currently there is a wide range of different of Vibrams available (13 models for men and 16 for women). We have attempted to take the headache out choosing the most suitable Vibram to wear by selecting the three standout Vibram FiveFinger shoes, which were designed for Running, Gym and Yoga.

The distinct bright yellow Vibram logo is known throughout the world as the symbol of our company, which is synonymous with quality, protection, innovation and design.

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